Putting safety first, acting ethically and being compliant is central to our business principles at H2 Green Steel. With that comes the responsibility to speak up and report any suspected misconduct. By doing so, we set the foundation for a fair and non-discriminatory work environment, safeguard against criminal and unethical behaviour, and protect ours and our stakeholders’ integrity.  
Our whistleblower channel provides all employees and stakeholders of H2 Green Steel an opportunity to report crimes and other irregularities in a secure and anonymous way. For this, we work with external service provider Scutus who manages the reporting channels. 

Reports may concern 

  • corruption and financial irregularities 
  • offenses related to health and safety 
  • environmental crime 
  • privacy violations 


Different ways to report misconduct

  • Option 1: Make a report via (to Scutus) 

  • Option 2: Call Scutus hotline, say “whistleblower” and you will be referred to an investigator. Phone number: +46 8 20 40 00 

  • Option 3: Send an email to whistleblow@scutus.se 

  • Option 4: Contact a supervisor or manager within H2 Green Steel for guidance. 

You can also schedule a private meeting with an investigator in option 2 and 3. 

If you as an employee would like to raise issues related to workplace dissatisfaction or such related matters, we encourage you to direct these to your supervisor or manager. If issues concern your manager, these can instead be raised to his or her manager or to a member of the People and Organizational team. These issues shall not be treated as whistleblowing cases. 

We expect all involved to have an open dialogue and raise issues in a transparent manner. You as a notifier will always be protected, regardless of whether you are anonymous or open with your identity.    For further information regarding the whistleblower channel, please see theThank you for your co-operation! 


The whistleblower channels are managed by the external service provider Scutus Solution AB (Scutus) on behalf of and according to the instructions of H2GS. Scutus is the personal data processor and H2GS the personal data controller in the function. 

Legal basis for whistle-blower channel: General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016:679, GDPR) and the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive (2f019/1937).