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A pioneering venture – starting in Boden

Manufactured with clean energy, by 2030 we will annually produce five million tons of green steel in Boden. With an ambitious timeline and high standards for environmental and social safeguards both during construction and when operating, our greenfield steel plant will be the first of its kind.We are building it with sustainability at the heart of everything we do – from recruitment and how we build our teams to designing our production technology.Together, we are cleaning up one of the world’s dirtiest industries.

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million tonnes of green steel by 2030

10 000

direct and indirect

95 %

reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional steel-making


Why Boden? 
We aim to bring emissions down to zero and help create a sustainable steel industry for generations to come. This begins with our project in Boden – our mothership. We started our journey in the north of Sweden due to its wealth of access to clean energy, iron ore and favorable infrastructure. This combined with leading expertise and cutting-edge technology, creates a unique base for decarbonizing steel. Building our company and green steel plant without legacy helps us optimize every process step, move swiftly and create impact.

Our green steel production in Boden will be powered by one of the world’s largest green hydrogen plants, running on renewable electricity. Instead of emitting large amounts of CO₂, as in traditional steelmaking processes, our primary emission will be water.The facility will impact, and shape, the surroundings as well as the perception of Boden, with the aim that it will be seen as a symbol for the much-needed green transition of heavy industry.

Read our Q&A for more interesting facts.

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A vision for the Boden site: Where nature meets architecture

With its pioneering venture in Boden, Sweden, H2 Green Steel is creating a greenfield steel mill that will convert the raw materials of the Norrbotten region, integrating the constructed facilities with nature. Every part of the site – from factory buildings to green crossings for wildlife and people – is designed to blend with its surroundings.

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download tải m88 vinLiên kết đăng nhập
download tải m88 vinLiên kết đăng nhập

Three quick questions with Anne Graf

Our colleague Anne Graf is VP of Infrastructure Services in Boden. Even though she is a true Norrbottning (a person from Norrbotten in the north of Sweden) she worked for several years in London and Brussels before returning home. We asked her a few questions about her background and why she joined H2 Green Steel!

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Career in Boden

We are looking for talented, innovative, and purpose-driven people to join our growing and diverse team. Our employees are offered the opportunity to do their best work every day, implement the latest technology and put their ideas into practice. Together, we are building an impact company with sustainability at its core – for our people, customers, investors, society, and planet.

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